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Two styles of engagement

Whatever our agreed style of cooperation, your needs and interests are the basis for all of our activities. 

For maximum clarity we offer two styles of cooperation:

a) an investment based approach for clients who will appoint us as their investment advisors for an asset advisory fee or transaction fee*

b) a coaching based approach for clients who want to establish a financial plan with our help for a fixed fee and have no current intentions to channel their investments through us*

Working with us

The financial planning process will always focus on your situation and your goals.
As a supporting tool of cooperation we follow a process which was optimised by us:​

Define. Gather. Analyse. Develop. Implement. Review.

The Define and Gather phase is the basis to start our cooperation and includes:

(There are no costs involved in this phase)

  • The reasons for starting the financial planning process

  • The personal situation such as work and family

  • Any expected future financially important events such as real-estate transactions, changing life events, retirement plans, bonus payments, financial support for others and more

  • The goals and desired outcome of the plan

  • The high level financial standing in terms of income, typical spending, savings, pension matters, investments, relevant insurances


At the end of the Define and Gather phase, a document with the terms and conditions of the engagement shall be exchanged and is binding for the duration of the cooperation.

Fees for clients investing with us*

Define. Gather. Analyse. Develop. Communicate. Implement. Review.

Transaction based fees

For one time deals such as mortgages, pension investments, funds.

Asset advisory fee

A percentage is charged based on all assets under management with us.


Our rates will be in line with market rates and depend on the size and type of investments. 

Financial coaching package*, CHF 480.--

Define. Gather. Analyse. Develop. Communicate.


This package includes typically three sessions of one-to-one talks with the aim to develop a plan and a roadmap for achieving the desired objectives.

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