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The Full Story

About Keren-Jo

Before we delve into the details, let me extend my warmest congratulations to you!

It's apparent that an inner voice is encouraging you to seize the moment,

aligning your life and finances, and you're boldly responding to that call.

Embarking on such a transformative journey requires courage, and not everyone finds the strength to do so. I commend you for taking this significant step. I'm genuinely excited to have you here. As I share my story, my aim is that it resonates with you and helps you determine if I am the right guide for your path to financial empowerment.

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About myself

My deep connection with the great outdoors has always been a driving force, and I find immense joy in hiking and exploring new destinations. As a trained yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist, my commitment to a holistic approach shines through when working individually with clients. I firmly believe that prioritizing both health and wealth is essential, deserving our utmost attention and time.

In 2008, I made a life-altering move from the UK to St Gervais in France where I joined my new partner, marking a significant turning point. As a cross boarder commuter, I started my new work in Geneva. These decisions reshaped my entire life.

A few years ago, I faced the difficult choice of ending a long-term relationship. It was a challenging and heart-wrenching decision, as it meant disbanding our family unit. Yet, I recognized its necessity for aligning with the life I was meant to lead. A year later, I took another bold step by leaving my role as a financial consultant to pursue a decade-old dream of empowering women around money through my own financial consulting boutique-style venture.

And thus, 'Keren-Jo Thomas Financial Planning for Women' came into existence.

Life often presents us with moments that force change—whether through separation, leaving unfulfilling jobs, starting anew in a different country, or navigating challenging experiences. It is in these corners that we are compelled to make transformative decisions.

In life, we can either perceive ourselves as victims of our experiences or view them as opportunities for growth. The former keeps us trapped in emotional pain, while the latter allows us to open our hearts, reflect, and see difficulties as gifts.

This perspective is the foundation of my mission. I am here to inspire women to uncover the gifts in expanding their financial knowledge, gain confidence in making.


Professional Profile

Commencing my career with HSBC in the UK in 1991, I specialised in private banking before making a strategic move to Switzerland in 2008, where I joined a well established international financial advisory company.

With an extensive track record spanning over 30 years in the industry, I am dedicated to leveraging my skills and enthusiasm for financial planning to be a catalyst for women striving to achieve their financial goals and independence.

Proudly affiliated with the London Institute of Banking & Finance and holding an associate membership with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments, as well as the Finance and Leasing Association, my commitment to excellence is underscored by my active participation in these esteemed professional organisations.

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