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Keren-Jo Thomas Financial Planning - Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

  2. Scope

  3. Principles

  4. Collection and use of personal data

  5. Disclosure of personal data

  6. Security of personal data

  7. Rights of the persons affected

  8. Retention of data

  9. Data breaches

  10. Your obligation to provide personal data


1 Introduction

This privacy policy describes the measures taken by [VF Forum GmbH] ("the Company") to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals, including customers, employees and other stakeholders. The policy is consistent with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG) and the Federal Data Protection Regulation (DSV) as well as other relevant laws and regulations applicable to financial planners and advisors in Switzerland.

2 Scope

This policy applies to all personal data collected and processed by the Company, including data of customers, employees, contractual parties and other parties. The policy covers all aspects of data protection, including data collection, storage, use, disclosure and destruction. The descriptions are not exhaustive.

Depending on our activities, further regulations (e.g. terms and conditions, conditions of participation, exclusions and other documents) may apply.


3 Principles

The company is committed to the following principles with regard to data protection:

  • Transparency: We clearly inform individuals about the type of personal information we collect, the purposes for which we use it, and any third parties with whom we share it.

  • Consent: We obtain individuals' informed consent before collecting and processing their personal data and ensure that they are informed of their right to withdraw their consent at any time.

  • Security: We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

  • Accuracy: We ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and current and promptly correct any inaccuracies.

  • Retention: We will only retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, unless we are required by law to retain it for longer.

  • Accountability: We ensure that all employees and contractors are aware of their responsibilities under this policy and monitor compliance through regular audits and reviews.


4 Collection and use of personal data

The Company collects and uses personal data only for specific, lawful purposes and ensures that individuals are aware of the purposes for which their data is being collected. The Company collects only as much personal data as necessary to achieve these purposes and ensures that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

5 Disclosure of personal data

The Company will not disclose personal data to third parties unless this is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law. When personal information is disclosed to third parties, the Company will ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect its confidentiality and integrity.

6 Security of personal data

The company takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. This includes the use of secure storage and transmission procedures, access controls as well as employee training and awareness programs.

7 Rights of data subjects

The company ensures that data subjects are informed of their rights under the DSG and the DSB, including the right to access, rectify and delete their personal data and the right to object to processing. The Company will promptly respond to any requests from any person to exercise these rights.

8 Retention of data

The company stores personal data in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Federal Act to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing for at least ten years after the end of the business relationship with the customer. However, the Company may be required to retain certain Customer Data for a longer period if required by law or regulation. The Company will regularly review its data retention policies to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

9 Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach, the Company will take immediate measures to contain and mitigate the impact of the breach and notify the relevant authorities and affected individuals as required.


10 Your obligation to provide personal data

In order to establish and carry out a business relationship and to fulfill the associated legal obligations, you must provide us with various personal data. If you do not provide us with this data, we will not be able to enter into or perform a contract with you; For example, our website cannot be used if certain information to ensure data traffic is not provided
(e.g. IP address)


If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us:


Contact/responsible person

​Keren-Jo Thomas

Keren-Jo Thomas Financial Planning

Neudorfstrasse 11, 6313 Menzingen

Tel 078731 2002 E-Mail

Date of Last Update: 6/11/2023

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