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Six Steps to Financial Empowerment

Life is precious and time is slipping away. That is why we have designed a one-to-one financial planning program focusing on your needs as a woman. 

The program costs 1'895 CHF. If you're ready to tap into our 30 years of professional financial experience and create a clear financial plan for your life, let's get started.

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  • Initiation Call: Your journey begins with an initial call to understand your immediate concerns and set the foundation towards Financial Freedom. We will also review the consulting agreement.

  • Step #1: Life Events and Goals
    We will delve deeper into your personal situation to discover relevant life events and goals, which will help us bring focus to the planning process. We will identify short-term and long-term financial goals, considering both personal and professional aspirations.

  • Step #2: Fact-Finding
    To prepare for the financial plan, we will establish current revenue and expenditures, assets and liabilities, pensions, life insurances, and any other financial commitments and information.

  • Step #3: Budget Planning
    Establishing a solid budget is a key factor for Financial Freedom. We will work together with the help of a budget planning tool. The goal is to match your finances to your lifestyle and financial goals.

  • Step #4: Financial Planning Process
    This step will focus on analysing your financial situation and creating your personal financial plan. This plan will reveal the steps needed to achieve your Financial Freedom, as well as draw your attention to problematic areas, such as pension shortfalls, inflation, and taxes.

  • Step #5: Implementation
    In this meeting, we will develop an action plan based on the steps defined during the previous meetings. This is your path forward to achieving Financial Freedom.

  • Step #6: Support and Review
    We cannot predict our future. Your goals and circumstances may change. This is why we include support and a review during the first year.

Focused Financial Consulting Services

Following the Six Steps to Financial Freedom, new challenges and life events will inevitably arise for all of us. That's why we offer additional services on a time basis.

These are some of the areas in which we specialize:​

  • Review of Existing Investments

  • Comprehensive Budget Review

  • Buying a House in Switzerland

  • Going Through a Divorce

  • Organising your Financial Documents

  • Making a Will

  • Managing Debt

  • Career Changes

  • International Relocation

  • Family and Education Planning

To provide ongoing one-to-one support, we offer these services to clients at an hourly rate of 190 CHF.

Putting your plan into action

My mission is to provide you with an unbiased plan for your Financial Freedom.

If gaps have been identified and you need assistance with investments, insurances etc. you are free to choose your own channels or existing institutions. However if you want unbiased regulated advice, I am qualified to deal with any such needs, through my network with VF Forum.

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