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What does Life Planning really mean?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Life planning is to precede financial planning!

Some people find planning their lives very hard. They live in their everyday routines and do not think much about the time ahead.

But is it important to realise that today's decisions will impact our future? Most certainly! This is the key moment when we start to understand the incredible potential of life planning.

But what does “life planning” really mean? Life planning is about our search to find out what is truly important for us in our lives, putting it into thoughts and words which are again the basis for our planning.

For some, “life planning” is related to money and personal finance, however, it is much more than that. What can we envision and dream for our future? Why, what, when, where are some of the inspiring words, helping us to ask the right questions.

What life planning really means is organizing and prioritizing things we truly care about and, in consequence, making more accurate decisions about the financial aspects. Managing our finances is also about living our lives. But good financial planning needs the input from our life planning to be most meaningful.

Life planning shall go hand in hand with the things that bring joy to our lives. During the planning process, we shall define these goals, and focus on how we can achieve them. That involves thinking about our current lifestyle and our spending, as it may involve saving for later.

What does Life Planning really mean
What does Life Planning really mean

Of course we cannot predict our lives, and life events may change our goals. Therefore life planning also means to review and adapt our plans from time to time. Maybe new goals need to be considered and older ones abandoned? Planning shall remain a living process that goes step by step with our lives.

The big question to ask yourself is: What is meaningful to you? Life planning helps to answer some of these questions and helps us to achieve those meaningful and heartfelt goals.

Life planning and financial planning go hand in hand. Once you have been thinking about life planning it is time to look at your financial planning.

Dream of the possibilities of your life that you can create for yourself.

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