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Financial Planning Service

Welcome to financial freedom and security! To become a financially empowered woman, you need to first define your goals. This involves identifying where you currently stand financially, where you want to be in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, and what you want to achieve in life. Is it starting your dream business, privately educating your children, buying a property, planning for retirement, or taking a sabbatical?

Life is precious, and time is slipping away. That's why I've designed a one-to-one planning program tailored to your needs as a woman, especially if you're an expat with assets in different countries. Together, we'll identify all the financial resources available to you now and in the future and help you make sense of your pensions, investments, and state pensions.

My role is to help you navigate through your financial matters, identify blind spots, and raise your confidence in managing your finances. I believe that women deserve to be spoken to in a language they understand, without being patronized or made to feel bad about their financial position.

The program costs 895 CHF plus 7.7% VAT and is worth every franc, as it's packed with practical value. If you're ready to tap into my 30 years of professional financial experience and create a clear financial plan for your life, let's get started.

Process & Client Experience
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  1. Clarity Call (30-45 minutes): Let's take the first step towards your financial wellness. During this call, we will assess your immediate concerns and identify what needs your attention right now. We will use my life planning and financial wellness workbook to help you plan for our next call. After this meeting, we will sign the consulting agreement to proceed further.

  2. Meeting #1 Life Planning (45-60 minutes): In this meeting, we will dive deeper into your unique needs by exploring your current situation, immediate concerns, and long-term plans. This will help us develop a comprehensive life plan tailored specifically to you.

  3. Meeting #2 Budget Planning (60 minutes): Your financial wellness journey requires a solid budget plan. Before our meeting, I will ask you to work on the budget planner, and during our call, we will review your monthly expenses and savings to determine your current lifestyle and retirement goals. In preparation for our next meeting, I will also request you to upload a list of documents such as existing pensions and investments.

  4. Meeting #3 Factfind (45-60 minutes): It's time to delve deeper into your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. During this meeting, we will conduct a fact-finding exercise to understand your current financial situation and review your existing pensions and protection plans to ensure they are sufficient for your lifestyle costs.

  5. Meeting #4 Review the Financial Plan: (60 minutes): We will use this meeting to analyze your financial and tax situation, inflation, and other factors to understand your current financial standing and identify any potential shortfalls. We will also discuss the underlying assumptions and factors behind the financial plan to ensure you understand and feel confident in the proposed strategy.

  6. Meeting #5 Review & Implement: (60-90 minutes): It's time to take action based on your financial plan. In this meeting, we will review the information provided and develop a comprehensive action plan to achieve your financial wellness goals. Together, we will put the plan into action and set you on a path towards financial freedom.

Healthy at any age
Putting your plan into action

So, what’s the next step after you’ve got clear on your life and financial plan? 


Out of the planning, a process naturally comes into focus – an investment focus, a savings process, a process for making decisions about how much insurance to have, are just a few examples.  


The key piece is that everything is built on the foundation of your plan. 


From this foundation we define your investment process and, IF needed, we’ll find products and investments to populate your plan. This is how you make smart decisions with your money. 


Not everyone will need additional products and investments to reach their financial goals. But if you do, you can rest assured that anything I recommend is first based on understanding your individual plan and what you’re trying to achieve, and not just because it seems like a good idea at the time! 


IF there are any additional fees on top of the 895 CHF already charged for the planning program, a new consulting agreement will be agreed between us. 


Please note that any recommended products and investments are only available to those living in Switzerland.

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