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8 legal facts to know to protect you and your family

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with my friend, Victoria McLagan, founder of EWPS. Victoria is a Lawyer and Trusts & Estates Practitioner.

EWPS offer clients tailor made solutions for succession and protection of their family assets during their lifetime, if they lose mental capacity, and also after death.

Victoria has generously put together a compilation of ‘Did You Know?’ legal facts that are super important to know to protect you and your family.

Let’s take a look…

1. Did you know Switzerland has forced heirship rules in place that will govern your estate if you do not have a Will and you live in Switzerland?

2. Did you know that if you are married with children, the Swiss forced heirship rules will give half of the deceased's estate to the surviving spouse and half to the children (even if they are under 18)?

3. Did you know that if you are an expat in Switzerland, it is possible to choose to avoid these forced heirship rules by having a Will (depending on your individual circumstances)?

4. Did you know that if you are involved in an accident or suffer an illness like dementia, and you no longer have mental capacity, your spouse / partner is not automatically able to deal with your accounts?

5. Did you know that having Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) will ensure that should you lose your mental capacity, your appointed helpers (attorneys) can manage your money and make decisions on your health and welfare?

6. Did you know that if you lose mental capacity and do not have LPAs, your loved ones will need to apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order? This is a lengthy and expensive process and can be avoided by having LPAs.

7. Did you know that Victoria McLagan offers a free, no obligation initial call to discuss all the above?

8. Did you know Lawyers in Kanton Zug, check your local Kanton, once a month provide you with free advice on any matter up to 20 minutes?

And finally

Here’s a selection of great resources that I think will really help you with protecting yours and your family’s financial future:

And if you’d like my support with creating an incredible life and finance plan, please reach out – financial empowerment is yours for the taking.

You can contact me at

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