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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Financial Planner

You may be wondering what value you’ll get from working with a financial planner.

So, here’s a rundown of my top 10 reasons why securing these services could be one of the best decisions you ever make!

I’ll also share which type of service could be best suited for your needs, depending on where you’re at on your financial journey and the level of capital you want to invest.

My top 10 reasons…

1. To protect your family

2. To help plan your spending and saving

3. To help you plan for retirement

4. To secure your house

5. To help you meet your investment goals

6. To find the right combination of assets

7. To obtain an objective assessment

8. To save money

9. To keep you on track

10. For peace of mind

Different investment solutions for lump sum investments

As a financial planner I help clients who are looking to invest a lump sum find a solution by determining the most appropriate route based on their needs and wants.

Most portfolio constructions combine index trackers and actively managed funds to minimise the risk of underperformance whilst at the same time keeping costs low.

Discretionary Investment Management?

Who for: Typically, investment value above 500,000 CHF

Discretionary Investment Management is where the Investment Manager – the person making decisions with regards to the most appropriate balance of investments in a portfolio – has discretion to make changes to your portfolio as and when they deem appropriate.

The Investment Manager does not need to write to you each time they wish to make a change, they can simply make this change without prior approval. They’re responsible for the day-to-day management of your portfolio and can make small or larger adjustments as they see fit.

Set parameters are agreed at the outset within which the Discretionary Investment Manager can make their changes. This can also include specific investment mandates, for example, if your objective is to invest ethically, or to exclude exposure to certain stocks.

Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

Who for: Typically, investment value above 250,000 CHF

Let me outline the benefits of an Investment Manager's MPS.

An MPS offers a more coordinated approach to investing, where the balance of exposures to different risks can be expertly managed, rather than a more onerous approach of self-investing. An MPS is also able to access institutional assets, that private investors cannot.


Who for: Those who are starting to build their wealth

This has not proved to be the solution that clients were expecting it to be, because the Robo-advisors don’t understand money related issues and concerns.

Robo-advisors use algorithms to understand and predict investor preferences, risk, and goals. Usually, they do this by asking a set of psychographic and demographic questions that leads to a model portfolio. The most basic profile questionnaire will include queries on gender, income, liabilities, willingness to take on risk, and current asset allocation.

Robo-advisors could be used in the future to do the initial assessment to reduce time spent by an advisor to make financial planning accessible to a wider audience not just the wealthy.

The best time to up your financial literacy and take control of your money is RIGHT NOW, and I can help you! I’m passionate about supporting women to plan for a financial future that makes sense with their own individual goals and desires for their lives. If you’re curious to find out how I can help you, CLICK HERE and get in touch – I’d love to talk with you.

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